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                                                Reiki with Animals

Animal Reiki is learning to mediate with your animals. People who use Reiki are called “Practitioners” and support the self-healing process through meditation. In her book, Everything Animal Reiki, Kathleen Prasad explains animal Reiki as “. . .  the practice of healing, animal connections, and meditation to create balance, harmony and healing”. She goes on to say Reiki is a meditative system of spiritual practices.

I became aware of the benefits of Reiki through my own training as an animal Reiki practitioner and how it has had a positive effect on animals. The integration of Reiki in my work with dogs has been helpful, especially with fearful /shy dogs. All dogs can benefit from the quiet, mindful, connected presence I share with them through Reiki.


Resources for Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Everything Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad

Reiki for Dogs by Kathleen Prasad

Blessing the Bridges by Rita M. Reynolds


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